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Letter to the Editor: Trump’s success in Washington
Letter To The Editor

From Gene Rufer


To the editor:

Good day. I think you guys need to watch some real news for once, maybe you would hear about some good things that our President has gotten accomplished during his 3 ½ years in office. He is the only president that has upheld his campaign promises. He lowered taxes, as promised, moved the embassy in Israel, lowered unemployment for blacks, Hispanics and women to historic lows, reduced worthless regulations, and made the USA, energy independent. Other presidential candidates all promised the moon and in reality, did the complete opposite once they got into office. Fake news doesn’t have to be lies, it can also be fake when they don’t report what is actually going on! I watch CNN occasionally and it sickens me to see them tear this country apart. What the main stream media, and the democrats are doing isn’t good for this country. Do you realize that the things they blame on President Trump, is the actual activity that they, the democratic legislators, are doing!! Check your facts. If it weren’t for his tweets, millions of people wouldn’t know what was happening in Washington. You better hope that the President wins re-election, because if the “empty shell” Biden wins, he will be told what to do by the extreme left. I feel sorry for him because he doesn’t even know that he is being played by others and laughed at by most everyone. If Biden wins, you can kiss your liberty good bye. You can expect higher energy costs, higher taxes and less freedom. Biden actually said he would raise taxes and that we are to expect higher energy costs. We are old, but think about your kids and grandkids, do you want them to grow up and live in a Socialist society, like those poor people in Venezuela. Think about the lives of your grandkids when you vote for GODS sake. If you actually love them, you will vote for President Trump!