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Letter to the Editor: We deserve to be counted in census
Letter To The Editor

From William Trow

Albany School District Superintendent

To the editor:

We are blessed to live in Green County. Forgive me for my bias, but growing up in Albany you’ll understand why my heart is here. It is like Albany’s story, the river, the people, the life, came straight from central casting in Hollywood.

But now, the Corona virus has us all living on edge. The smartest thing they tell us we can do is stay home and stay away from people. Fine, but we’re from Green County and we do more.

It doesn’t matter if you’re from Albany, Belleville or Monroe, you can make a difference in our county by filling out the Census form. There are hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding at stake and largely based upon population. The more people counted in Green County the more funding we can qualify for. 

Federal funding impacts everything from highways to schools to health care. We’re off to a great start in Green County with more than 70% of you filling out the form … but we can and must do better. Perfection is not impossible.  Already, just over 80% of Belleville’s folks have replied and we can all do the same.

The Census form is easy to fill out. You can do it online at or by calling 1-844-330-2020. If you prefer Spanish, 1-800-468-2020. If you’ve done yours already, great, but please help someone else.

Green County, we all deserve to be counted.