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Letter to the Editor: Vote for Kriss Marion
Letter To The Editor

From Esther Hill


To the editor:

On the state assembly campaign literature that is out circulating, the issues on the ballot are the same on both sides: helping rural families, quality healthcare access, and clean water prioritization. So why change who is in the seat? If the two parties pledge to fight for the same issues, does it matter who is representing us? Yes. It does matter. Yes, I’m voting for Kriss Marion for state assembly. It’s not just what you’re pledging to do, but how you are going to do it and I stand behind how Kriss works. Her record includes the creation of the Soil Sisters farmers group and her years serving on the Lafayette County Board. Her record precedes her with the fact that I see her out talking with people and patronizing businesses and farmers markets even during these tumultuous times. Vote for Kriss Marion. Her record speaks for her: she shows up.