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Letter to the Editor: Trump is not a liar
Letter To The Editor

From Joyce Rufer


To the Editor:

First of all, I bet you can’t name any lies that President Trump has told. Maybe the Russian lie … oh, wait, that was Hillary and the democrats and they knew it was a lie when they accused the President. Maybe the Ukraine phone call hoax … oh, wait that is right, that was the Schiff lie. Maybe it was when he took his druggie son on Air Force 2 to the Ukraine and China and getting his son millions of dollars … oh, wait, that was Biden. You want him, Biden, for president? Biden helped his family become multi-millionaires during his years in DC. Maybe all the democrat run cities that are burning because of riots and looting is a lie … oh, wait, that is a lie from the left again, because the liberal news doesn’t report on that. Liberal politicians and media are reporting “it’s a peaceful protest and summer of love.” Maybe, when Trump sold 20% of America’s uranium to Russia in exchange for $145 million added to his wealth ... oh, wait, that was Hillary filling her bank account. Maybe it was when Trump sent plane loads of OUR taxpayer cash to Iran as a bribe so Iran could support terrorism in the whole world ... oh, wait, that was Obama/Biden. Maybe it was when he drew a red line in Syria when Assad released gas on his own people, then backed up, drew another red line and then ended up not doing anything … oh, wait, that was Obama/Biden. When things happened in Syria in the Trump administration, President Trump showed strength and authority showing the world that he means what he says.

As for kissing up to dictators … there is respect in the world for the USA again because of the diplomatic ways of President Trump. North Korea isn’t sending missiles anymore. China is purchasing 40% more grain from American farmers because of President Trump. Trump stood up for the American worker by imposing tariffs in response to the tariffs that China has imposed on products from the USA for years. What about the new peace agreement between Israel and UAE? Today the country of Bahrain is joining in on that peace agreement. What a historic day for the Middle East. I suppose that was started by Obama/Biden … oh, wait, Obama/Biden pretty much ruined the close diplomatic relationship between the USA and Israel. President Trump has mended that relationship. Trump brokered the new MCA which is so much better than NAFTA and Biden even admitted it!