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Letter to the Editor: Trump has dealt with constant resistance
Letter To The Editor

From Gene and Judy Dirksen


To the editor:

In reply to Diane Vance’s letter to the editor regarding President Trump, the president has done more for our country and carried out more promises despite the “resistance group” of do-nothing Democrats that were elected to Washington.

The global warming is all of our doing: cutting trees and mega-farmers polluting with herbicides and pesticides, along with all the homeowners who want weed-free lawns. Those who want reversal of what they deem as acceptable levels of carbon emissions should not drive or ride in fossil fuel-powered vehicles. They should recycle. Climate change has been going on for some time now, why didn’t Obama do something? He had eight years to do it, but all he did was start giveaway programs and increase our taxes.

As for bankruptcy, General Motors and Chrysler filed and Dean Foods is in the process. You can’t condemn a business for employing people and trying.

In my opinion, if Clinton would have been elected, with her breach of security email accounts, the attributing loss of four Americans in Benghazi, collusion with Bill’s speaking engagement with Russia for $500,000, signing off on 20% of our uranium stock and the faux Clinton Foundation, her crimes should be investigated.

Make America even greater and reelect Donald Trump with a full House and full Senate of Republicans.