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Letter to the Editor: Marion needed in state government
Letter To The Editor

From: Barbara Meyer

Town of Wiota

To the editor:

Who is Kriss Marion? 

Kriss Marion is running for the Wisconsin State Assembly District 51. 

Some remember her as “the cookie lady,” one of the three determined women who were successful in making it legal for home bakers to sell food made in their own kitchens. This brought much variety and customer attraction to farmers’ markets and community events.

Others know her as the candidate who features an adorable baby goat in her ads. How can anyone compete with that for appealing? But the animals shown aren’t just photo ops; they are part of the flocks and herds which she feeds and nurtures on the farm she and her husband own.

She is an avid environmentalist, working for healthy air and water, so easily polluted by animal and human wastes, pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers.

As a Lafayette County Board Member, she has been a tireless supporter of transparency in government. She understands that the people in her county deserve to know what is happening with the water studies done on the water they are drinking from their own wells.

Kriss doesn’t see a need and suggest that others take care of it. She jumps in and leads the pack in accomplishing it, for the benefit of all. 

She is the kind of legislator we need in Madison, one who will work for the people, not blindly follow the party leadership. She will run into opposition, but she is already doing that on the county level. In the face of it she is able to remain level headed and coherent. She is an intelligent woman of honesty and integrity, and knows that open, honest, fair, and cooperative government is what we deserve and must have in Madison.