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Letter to the Editor: Let public employees concealed carry
Letter To The Editor

From Craig Winsberg


To the editor:

In light of continued mass shootings across the nation, the time for bold action has long passed. Blame for these atrocities has been assigned to a myriad of factors, such as lax gun laws, racial and religious bigotry, bullying and psychotropic drugs. But, in nearly every instance, these shootings have occurred in “gun-free zones” lacking in armed security.

Going forward, any public house, religious temple or theater must no longer forbid conceal carry permit holders in their midst. State lawmakers should enact statutes to allow school teachers and other public employees the benefit of CCW. To facilitate this transition, school administrators may recruit veterans of the armed services proficient in the use of firearms to work as teachers and aides.

As a group, veterans are ideal candidates for teaching positions. Proven reliable and oriented toward public service, veterans have been tasked with training junior members on systems and methods of operation from the earliest days of their tours. A typical retiree has spent much of his/her career as an instructor, and while a streamlined teacher certification process may be in order, an advanced degree should not be required for a 20-year veteran to perform effectively in this capacity.

For political reasons, these reforms would surely face vigorous opposition, but security in our schools and elsewhere is paramount and armed security could save lives and deter the next attack.