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Letter to the Editor: Expanding opportunities for farm families
Letter To The Editor

From Derek Hoesly


To the Editor:

I’ve been a volunteer for Kriss Marion for a long time now, putting in lots of hours every way I can, including making phone calls on her behalf. People might wonder why I spend all that time campaigning for her. It’s because I feel I can trust her wholeheartedly to take on the issues that are so important to me.

Wisconsin is trending toward big corporate farms and that’s devastating news for rural Wisconsin. If our rural communities are to survive, our small family farms must survive – it’s that simple. No one has been a stronger advocate for rural communities than Kriss. She has plenty of ideas for expanding opportunities for farm families that can help turn things around.

Another important issue for me is health care. I have diabetes and having good insurance available and medication I can afford could be an almost life or death issue for me. Unlike the Republicans, Kriss favors controlling our skyrocketing prescription prices. She would vote for Medicaid expansion which would bring down the cost of insurance for so many in Wisconsin.

I guess Kriss is best known for her efforts to protect our clean water, and that was long before the Republicans pretended to be interested. I really admire her tenacity when it comes to protecting Wisconsin’s natural beauty and resources. She’s put in an enormous amount of time and energy as a county board supervisor in that area.

I hope you’ll join me in supporting Kriss Marion.