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Letter to the Editor: Conservative politicians are not patriots
Letter To The Editor

From Dan Knox


To the editor:

I was naïve. I served in Viet-nam, putting my life on the line to keep our Constitution and Bill of Rights, our way of life, intact. Then I found out that our politicians would let our boys keep dying if it helped their political position.

I was naïve. I actually believed, because of their bluster, that conservative politicians were patriots. Then I saw them choose party over the Constitution. Then they chose to accuse the common citizen poll workers of fraud, overlaying their own dishonest hearts onto these citizen workers. Then they tried to void out tens of thousands of citizen votes because of their lust for power.

It is the common love and respect for our Constitution that has kept our country free and safe for over 200 years. For these conservative politicians to disregard and invalidate our Constitution is an act of treason against all true patriots who has given their lives for country.

Don’t be naïve. When these conservative politicians puff themselves up like banty roosters and proclaim themselves brave patriots, don’t believe them. They are neither.