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Letter to the Editor: ATV trail use not likely a reality
Letter To The Editor

From Bob LaBarre


To the editor:

Apparently, the city council of Brodhead and others seem ill-informed at best about the use of any motorized vehicles on the Sugar River State Trail. In passing a new city ordinance allowing ATV/UTV use on city streets, the council may be shooting themselves in the foot because the trail’s terminus is actually located at the intersection of W. 3rd Ave. and Exchange St. Therefore, anyone operating an ATV/UTV on that portion of W. 3rd Ave. (Race St.) is probably violating the law. If the intent of passing this ordinance was to spur economic interest by ATV/UTV users in the city, the city council, in all its wisdom might want to attempt a survey (hopefully scientifically conducted), that would cast light on not only the safety aspects of ATV/UTV use, but also the true economic impact of the various stakeholders and users of the trail within the city of Brodhead. After all, in light of the safety statistics of ATV/UTV use compared to other non-motorized modes of locomotion, as well as a like comparison of economic benefits, the ATV/UTV advocates and city council members who voted to extend the use of these vehicles may want to wipe the dust or mud (depending on the weather) off of their dirty eyewear and see the situation more clearly.

I say: Fear not to those concerned that the passage of laws allowing ATV/UTV use in Brodhead and other communities along the Sugar River State Trail may lead to actual trail use. The jurisdiction, oversight, and maintenance of the Sugar River Trail is controlled by the WI DNR. Furthermore, a nine-mile section of the trail between Albany and Monticello is part of the National Scenic Ice Age Trail which is administered by the US Dept. of the Interior. To those of you who long to feel the breeze in your hair and dust in your mouth as you speed to your next ATV/UTV destination, good luck with that!

I hope as a public servant (I am a Monticello village trustee) and a former Brodhead resident, I have shed some light on this matter.