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Letter to the Editor: Attacks no way to gain support
Letter To The Editor

From Kriss Marion


To the editor:

Last week, I was surprised and proud to be endorsed by President Barack Obama in the race for the 51st Assembly seat. I was also disappointed and shocked to be trashed by my opponent Todd Novak with an outright lie.

Thousands of people received a mailer from Todd’s team featuring a picture of me standing in front of my truck, which has hand-painted billboards on the sides for campaign season. But my truck doesn’t say what the flyer showed. The picture was photoshopped to say something that doesn’t represent me, my character, or my campaign. The flyer was an outright lie.

Now I’m no shrinking violet. I know that political campaigns are fierce, messy, battles fought in the public eye. This isn’t my first rodeo, in life or in politics. But messing with a girl’s truck is just going too far.

Doctoring an opponent’s photo is behavior far beneath a public servant, mayor, and current representative. My truck actually says: “Kriss Marion — 51st Assembly District — Democrat for Change.”  Regardless of party affiliation, I think we all agree we want better, cleaner, more trustworthy government and less ugly political battles. 

My dad raised me to be tough. I was raised to fight hard, but to fight fair. And if you elect me, you can expect me to be a representative that fights the same way for you in the Capitol: hard, but fair, and never dirty. 

I’d be honored to be your assemblywoman, and I’d work my hardest to make you proud.