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Letter to the Editor: Kriss Marion for District 51
Letter To The Editor

From Matt Sheaffer


To the editor:

I read with disbelief yesterday that our Republican-led legislature had not met for over 115 days. Hmm… Seems like there have been a few issues in the last 115 days that might have benefited from some true leadership. How is it that during the most severe public health crisis in our lifetimes — a crisis that has led to record unemployment, tremendous hardship for small businesses and unprecedented challenges for our local schools — Republican leadership has offered up no meaningful guidance that might lead us together out of this mess?

It is high time for a regime change in the Madison statehouse. Since 2010 Republicans have held the reins of legislative power and have succeeded in diminishing local control, widening the income gap, eroding worker’s rights and weakening protections for our water. Here in Southcentral Wisconsin we have an opportunity to swing the balance of power back into the hands of the people by electing Kriss Marion. I couldn’t be prouder to support Kriss in her candidacy for District 51 Assembly. She is smart, tenacious and committed to making life better for everyone in our rural community. There is no doubt that the enthusiasm she has for our region will translate into the kind of real leadership we need no matter what lies ahead.