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Knoke: Phillipson best suited
Letter To The Editor

From Gregory E. Knoke


To the Editor: 

Dear Green County Voters:

Much has been said about the qualifications of the two attorneys seeking the Green County Judgeship. One of the candidates, strongly aligned and supported by the Local, Regional and State Democratic Party has repeatedly suggested the volume of cases handled as an Assistant State Public Defender outweighs the opponent’s experience.

That candidate touts 2,300 cases and, although at one time it was suggested in a Letter to the Editor that she has handled six or seven jury trials, a review of the Court records in Green, Rock and Lafayette Counties does not verify these claims by the Democratic standard bearer in this race.

The Circuit Court Judge in Green County hears every possible kind of claim including criminal claims, family law claims and a wide variety of civil claims (covering contracts, personal injury, landlord/tenant issues and many other subjects).

Attorney Faun Marie Phillipson was born and raised in Green County and has handled a wide variety of cases over 20 years in State Courts, Federal Courts and before State and Federal Administrative Agencies on behalf of a wide range of clients covering a wide range of topics.

Attorney Phillipson has handled cases that have very complex legal issues. She has also handled the day to day practice and will understand the challenges faced by the attorneys and litigants appearing before her Court.

Attorney Phillipson’s intelligence and her dedication to taking on and trying cases to their completion in multiple jurisdictions make her the most experienced candidate for Green County Circuit Court Judge.

Attorney Phillipson has kept her campaign non-partisan and is appealing to the general masses of Green County voters evidencing a willingness to consider the views of all people regardless of their political party affiliations.

I urge the citizens of Green County to vote for the candidate based on the complex issues a judge faces across a wide spectrum of cases and vote for Faun Marie Phillipson as the superior candidate for Green County Circuit Court Judge.

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