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Isely: Get the COVID-19 vaccine shot
Letter To The Editor

From La Vern F. Isely


To the editor:

One of the main things my wife and I do is watch the media networks on TV that mainly represent the truth. That is by using common sense.

MSNBC and CNN both gave the election returns and who won the 2020 presidential election six months ago and that is that Democrat Joe Biden won by over seven million votes. Regardless of that fact, former Republican President Donald Trump keeps claiming, even up to now, that the election was stolen from him and that he won. Sad to say, there are still a lot of Republicans that believe that.

Something Donald Trump had a chance to do when he was president but didn’t do was promote the COVID-19 vaccine and the importance of the vaccination so that people could live longer.

Some countries that didn’t promote the vaccine or even make their own are dying at an unbelievable rate. Probably one of the worst countries is the country of India. So many are dying that they can’t bury them fast enough so they are burning their bodies right out in the streets over a pile of wood which they collected.

It’s way better for any country to use science than false superstitions. Democrat President Joe Biden is to be complimented on his aggressive response to the pandemic and implementing the COVID-19 vaccine to everyone who is eligible, free of charge. Nowadays, that even includes anyone 12 and older, as well as senior citizens like m wife and I, who have had our shots with no ill effects.

Things have even improved so much that our Monroe Public Library has even reopened again so one can visit the library again, as well as use their computers, which will improve our communication with our friends.