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Frutiger: Jane for community
Letter To The Editor

From Corinne Frutiger


To the Editor: 

It should go without saying that everyone in the court system — judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, the private bar, victim advocates, bailiffs, clerks, court reporters, law enforcement officers, citizen witnesses and jurors — cares deeply about public safety and the efficacy of a justice system to reach fair and just outcomes.

As a prosecutor, I, like every other officer of the court, took an oath to uphold the United States Constitution. Every day, as I enter the courtroom, I am aware that our justice system works best when all of us within the system fulfill our unique role employing the highest level of ethics, professionalism and commitment.

Attorney Jane Bucher is someone I hold in great esteem. She is a good and honest person, a loving mother to her little ones, a bookworm, an athlete (putting me to shame with all that jogging!), a person of great humor, and a brilliant legal scholar.

Jane cares deeply about the youth of our community. She was instrumental in starting the innovative drug court program, so that we can start addressing addiction rather than only reacting to its tragic consequences on the back end, after damage is done.

I am wholeheartedly supporting Jane for Judge because of her legal knowledge, deep appreciation for our American justice system, and dedication to working collegially with others to make a positive difference for Green County. I appreciate Jane’s unmatched experience in the criminal justice system, her knowledge of the law, and her temperament. She understands the role of a Judge — to rule on the facts and the law — and I have full confidence that Jane will take on that role with integrity and with the same devotion to public service I have observed her to show every day. Please join me in voting for Jane Bucher on April 6.

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