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Drees-Stewart: Jane for equality
Letter To The Editor

From Sharon Drees-Stewart


To the Editor: 

I have worked in the justice system for 40 years, including in law enforcement as a Sheriff’s deputy. For the past several years, I have worked with Jane Bucher in the public defender’s office in Monroe.

I vigorously endorse Jane Bucher for Judge.

I don’t believe I have ever met an attorney who has such a passion and knowledge of the law. One of Jane’s finest qualities is her strong belief the law must apply equally to everyone regardless of social status, race, what language you speak, sexual orientation, religion, or political status.  I expect Jane to be an even-tempered, firm, and open-minded Judge who will listen to all sides of a case. Jane will take all the facts into consideration.

Now, about the guest column from DA Nolen. Nolen took it upon himself to disparage the integrity of the other three candidates in the race. In my opinion, to degrade and dishonor the other attorneys in this race borders on unethical coming from someone in an elected position who will be working daily with whomever is elected judge.

The truth is Attorney Bucher is in the court room every single day. The truth is that she has had jury trials. She knows local courtroom procedures.  Jane’s work as an attorney puts her in front of Judges in several counties and courtrooms. Her professionalism and work have been witnessed by many Judges and prosecutors in the area.

The truth is Jane has handled more cases than the other candidates. These are not “empty numbers” as Nolen claimed. Each of these cases had a mother, father, daughter, son, sister, brother, or child whom Attorney Bucher represented with professionalism and integrity.  They were not an “empty number” in her eyes.

As a Green County voter, please do your own investigation into the candidates for judge.  This is an important decision. The truth does matter.  And I feel confident you will find the truth is that Attorney Jane Bucher has everything it takes to make an excellent judge in Green County.

Vote Jane for Judge!