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Letter to the editor: What role will government play in Social Security?
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From LaVern F. Isely


To the editor:

The Republican Party has finished their second presidential debate, which drew a record television audience. Even though it was on for three hours, sad to say, not all people that had television could watch the debate because it was on cable. It should have been on all the major networks, PBS, ABC, NBC, and CBS, so that every person that owned a television could watch and make up their own mind. They should not have to be hit with a barrage of opinions from the cable people who sponsored the program and why they favor their favorite candidate.

I'd personally like to see candidates speak out from the view of the middle class because, while big government can get too big favoring certain issues, such as the Pentagon and larger military spending, you could also throw in corporate agriculture. Why should you go out and favor bigger dairy farms, when in Europe, they are dumping milk because of huge surpluses, driving the prices down?

Some of the machinery on the road is so wide that when you meet them or follow them, that you see the machinery they are pulling is over the center line. Dairy cows that used to last up to 15 years are now being sold at four years old and I imagine a lot of that is caused by the fact that pasture rotation is healthier for the cattle and that the cow, herself, goes out and harvests her own food, rather than having mechanization bringing it to the cows.

Another question I'm watching is what role the government is going to play on Social Security, which is an "earned benefit" that we paid for, for our retirement when we get old. While most of the Democrats feel we need Medicare, which is a separate program, which we pay a monthly premium to have because we knew that medical costs were going up even faster than the cost of living. The Republican answer is to get rid of Medicare and put the Social Security money in the stock market, which, when I hear a candidate talking that way, I cross them off my list of candidates.

We must keep up with the cost of living because our medical costs are climbing and we must preserve Social Security for our children. So hopefully, each party comes up with the best candidate for the good of our country.