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Letter to the editor: Walker's opposition to Iran nuke deal doesn't make sense
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From Diana Vance


To the editor:

Ever since the last Republican president took office we have been at war until President Obama carefully step-by-step brought our soldiers home to their loved ones.

It is not in our interest to be a war-mongering nation and believe that war is the only and best choice when we can accomplish what we want through negotiations. I am writing of course about Iran and the negotiations we settled on with them.

Gov. Scott Walker said he would kill the deal on his first day of being president. That does not make sense.

With patience and compromise we negotiated a fair agreement. We would ease sanctions on Iran and they would make concessions on their nuclear program. This is how true statesmen work. Scott Walker may be too young to have the patience required and the knowledge to understand who you are dealing with. Maybe we should let him grow up some more before giving him the reins of conducting foreign policy. These successful negotiations may have averted a war. I don't think he understands that.

Secretary of State John Kerry and President Barack Obama are to be praised for their patience and the positive outcome they achieved with Iran - peace not war. And our soldiers will not have to risk their lives. Life is so precious and really so short I don't want to see our young people sent into war. I don't want to see any more flag-draped coffins at Andrew's Air Force base as we did in 2000 to 2008.