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Letter to the editor: Walker deserves admiration
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From David Berding


To the editor:

Recently I read an letter to the editor written by Ms. Gissing criticizing Gov. Walker. After berating him, she rated him with a big fat "F." I assume the "F" did not stand for fantastic, frumpish or even fuddy-duddy.

I don't mean to be glib, but the governor doesn't deserve all this harsh rhetoric being shoveled on him.

Do you have any idea how many vile threats including those against his life and family took place?

Time would escape me to describe the raunchy, filthy acts of some misguided, brainwashed souls.

Many of us conservatives appreciate the fact that he took on the "big shot" union bosses and cut the umbilical cord to their puppets and dupes.

We admire him for challenging the teachers' unions and giving back control to the parents and local school boards. This is how it should be if you believe the public schools are solid institutions of learning. (Something even Sam Donaldson, a liberal, did not even believe.)

It was a compassionate governor who set aside well over a million bucks to assist poor folks who could pay their high fuel bills a couple years ago.

No, he does not walk around with a "Philadelphia smile" like that lawyer Doyle did as governor. And if Scott ever puffed a joint of pot he would not deny that he did in fact "inhale it" unlike Billy Boy.

Did I mention that Gov. Walker bailed us out of a sinking ship laden with the worst financial crisis in the history of Wisconsin?

If you read the Book of James (KJV) you will find that our actions speak louder than all our words (so my wife reminds me.)

I thank God we have a pro-life, anti-"same-sex marriage" leader as Scott Walker at the helm.