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Letter to the editor: Vote Nikki Matley for Monroe school board
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From Ryan Ziltner


To the editor:

I am writing this letter to express my support for Nikki Matley for election to the Monroe school board in the upcoming election.

As a Monroe graduate who then went on to complete an undergraduate degree, master's degree, and later returned to live and work in Monroe, I appreciate the privilege to have attended the Monroe school district and I recognize the importance of quality leaders for our school system. I truly believe that our school system is the cornerstone to a strong community. Education promotes healthy living, responsible behavior, and community safety and involvement.

As a parent, Nikki knows what issues face our district and what assets we hold in the district. Having two children who have gone through our elementary and middle schools gives her perspective that is invaluable when it comes to knowing what is best for our current and future students. These students are our current leaders and community members.

Nikki Matley would be a true quality leader for our local schools. Nikki has the business and economic development experience that can be applied to the responsible structuring of our school district's budget and business model. This is important in strengthening our district for the long term.

I have personally worked with Nikki on local initiatives, served on local and county organizations' boards, and worked with her on business transactions. I know first-hand that Nikki always works tirelessly to achieve success for whatever cause, organization, or group that she is advocating for. This type of passion and dedication will be an asset to the board, community, school district, and students, when she is elected to the Monroe school district board.

When voting on April 4, remember the importance of a quality school district, for everyone. Remember that quality leaders make this school district strong. Remember Nikki Matley.