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Letter to the editor: Vote for Matley for school board
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From Sheila Berrey

Mineral Point, recently Monroe

To the editor:

I would like to publicly recommend Nikki Matley for the Monroe School Board of Directors.

I have known Nikki for over 20 years, in many capacities. My first interaction with Nikki was when she served as an Intern with me at the Public Relations Department at The Swiss Colony, while Nikki was in college. I was not only impressed with her comfort level working with the public, but her innovative spirit and high energy, taking charge of marketing our company in many forums throughout the summer. Our department was relatively new at the time, so many initiatives were being created from scratch. Nikki did not hesitate, jumping in with both feet, to develop programs and promotional activities and displays, to help the public learn about The Swiss Colony.

After Nikki graduated from college, she left Monroe for a few years, while she gathered valuable leadership skills in her career. Thankfully she did return to Monroe where she bloomed and grew in a variety of capacities. I worked with Nikki on several different boards, such as the Monroe Chamber of Commerce, Green County Leaders and Future Forward! Green County. Nikki continued to step up into many leadership roles, as I watched and worked together with her to become a strong and valuable leader in the Monroe community. I have always been impressed with the way Nikki gets involved. She never does anything halfway. She commits her time and her talent to take the organizations or programs to the next level, and always makes them better than they were. Her high level of energy and passion for the Monroe community drives her to want to do more, to make this a better place to live and work for all.

I know that Nikki will be the best School board member that the Monroe community could ask for, not only because she has a personal investment with having two young children in the school system, but because of her commitment to the community and her strong desire for improvement in every aspect, and her passion to promote the area to everyone.

I ask for you to vote for Nikki Matley for the Monroe School Board of Directors on Tuesday, April 4, 2017.