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Letter to the editor: Thank you to people who give of themselves
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To the editor:

It was late winter, with all the gloom, cold and dampness that accompanies that dismal season.

I found myself directing traffic for the sheriff's department in a very rural part of a very rural county. I was grateful that the chilling rain was not snow this early morning.

Out of the fog, I saw a woman approaching on foot. She appeared to be carrying something. ("Now what?" I wondered as she got near.)

"I thought you would enjoy a hot cup of coffee," she said as she handed over a steaming cup. Boy, did I appreciate that hot drink. I asked her name: It was "Alma." I told her that in Latin, her name meant helpful. It's been three years or more but I still remember that kind gesture. Thank you again, Alma.

Last week there was a good size fire in our town. Three fire departments responded, along with law enforcement and other agencies. Luckily, no one was hurt but at 3 a.m. in October, pitch black and cold, it can't be pleasant.

A strong wind fanned the flames, I was told. Just as the fire was getting under control, two figures approached out of the darkness and smoke. One was our wonderful lady, Mrs. Zee, and the other, possibly a fireman, helping her walk across the hoses and wet pavement. Mrs. Zee had big containers of freshly made doughnuts, enough for all. She had apparently heard the sirens and commotion, smelled the fire in the neighborhood and got up and started baking, knowing there would be cold, tired and hungry people. This is what Mrs. Zee thought that she could do to help.

So here's to all of those people who take time to do the little extra things that mean so much: The people who work behind the scenes to do something kind, something from their heart for others. Your gift is a portion of yourself. Thank you.