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Letter to the editor: No way we can ignore 2016 election
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From LaVern F. Isely


To the editor:

There's absolutely no way the general public can ignore the coming up election in 2016. Why is the media doing such a poor job in interviewing all the candidates running for president? I'm glad there are as many candidates as there are. It's because we have candidates who are supported by billionaires and some that are not. So it looks like we're going to have two groups - the ones that register high in the polls and the ones that don't.

Then there comes a second problem. If you're rich enough to have cable, you can watch more debates than the ones who don't. And the ones on the bottom will never know why they can't keep up with the richest billionaires, who really never had it so good, because, up to now, they have had ample loopholes to avoid paying income tax on an individual level. If you are a CEO of a large corporation or a big investment bank, they, too, have a way out. They buy off key legislators in Congress, the ones that signed the Grover Norquist no new income tax pledge.

With the increasing numbers of computers being purchased and used in your local libraries, all you need to do is ask this specific question to the computer; "Why are the CEOs making such huge salaries when interest rates are so low?" You'll come up with the leading five CEOs with the biggest salaries and you then can make up your own mind if you think these big investment banks earn their money.

You would think Jamie Dimon would come up first because he misplaced $6 billion and it was never found and he didn't even lose his job. He comes up fifth in the ratings. Four of them making more money than he is. The Federal Reserve is still promoting the unregulated, toxic derivative market, which is getting the world and particularly Greece into serious trouble with their third bailout.

Now, as for the IMF, who finances the world, they are coming up with a new word for counterfeit derivatives, special drawing rights (SDR), which are used in our various trade pacts, concerning various regions and the biggest and probably last one taking place, which is vigorously opposed by Democrats and supported by President Obama, is the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP).