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Letter to the editor: Nikki Matley for school board
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From James Glessner


To the editor:

One of the candidates for the upcoming election for the Monroe Board of Education is a young professional who deserves your consideration.

I have known Nikki Matley for some time and more specifically through her presidency of the Monroe Kiwanis Club. Nikki led the club for two consecutive years, 2014 through 2016, and was a strong leader who brought the club to new heights, both in service and membership. Coincidentally the Kiwanis club's motto is: "Serving the children of the world."

How apropos.

She has been a leader in the community through Kiwanis, Green County Leaders, Green County Development Corp., Monroe Chamber of Commerce, and others. At the heart of her service is a deep desire to develop and maintain great schools and great education for our children. As she states: "Great schools are the cornerstone of great communities."

Within Kiwanis she has emphasized commitment to our youth through club technical school scholarships, programs for youth through Park and Recreation Dept., Jacob's SWAG, BSA Canyon Camp, YMCA, the Kiwanis Youth cabin and numerous others.

Her background in finance (Woodford Bank) and leadership posts (Chamber of Commerce president) positions Nikki to bring wide perspective to the school board in these challenging times.

With two children in district schools, Nikki also has a perspective from a parental standpoint.

While her list of accomplishments is many, none is more important than a background in securing leaders for major positions. She has been intimately involved in searches for executive directors for MCCI and GCDC. The securing of a new superintendent is one of the more important decisions the school board will soon make. Nikki can surely assist in that process.

So, as Nikki says: "I am committed to doing my very best to do everything I can to make our schools better every day." The community needs that commitment.

I urge your commitment to her goal.