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Letter to the editor: It's time to undo the mess we've created
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From Glen A. Spring


To the editor:

Fellow citizens of Wisconsin and the U.S.A. What have we done? We have allowed a group of self-centered greedy politicians to dictate legislation which is a pay-back for the wealthy individuals and corporations who bank rolled their campaigns as they ran for office. These politicians seem to have no problem lying and cheating in order to get into office and to hold their seats once elected. When are we going to understand that they do not hold our best interests first and foremost while making legislative decisions? We should be very ashamed for allowing our government to get so out of hand. Those of us who are willing to let big-money people do our thinking for us by electing candidates of their choice and those of us who refuse to exercise our right and obligation to vote are guilty. The majority of proposed legislation lately will only help the greedy at the expense of the needy. They say that they are only trying to make the government run more smoothly and efficiently. Please read between the lines and you will be able to see through these lies.

Myself, I would even hesitate to so much as buy a used car from these people. I am ashamed that I have been a part of allowing this to happen and so should you. Let us all work together and maybe we can undo what we have created.