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Letter to the editor: Grass roots democracy at work here
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To the editor:

Congratulations to Mayor Bill Ross and the City Council. By 6-2 vote Tuesday, the Monroe city council used their heads and hearts to pass a resolution, getting a local initiative against corporation personhood money in politics, on the April ballot in Monroe. The council acted on "boiler plate" wording supplied by Green County United to Amend, despite an 11th-hour attempt by the city attorney to water down the resolution to something more politically correct. GCUTA proposed an "all or nothing" resolution, beseeching the council to see their side; the alternative was direct legislation in the form of a local petition drive by GCUTA. The council gave local Americans the right to express their opinion regarding the use of unlimited money in an effort to buy elections by the use of, among other things, those negative ads that flood the radio and television around elections. Think Koch Brothers for example. Thank you city council for striking a blow for freedom.

It's time we, as citizens of this great county, take back control from the state and federal politicians, who take big contributions from corporations and special interest groups, and are therefore inclined to vote in favor of legislation favoring them. The Monroe grassroots nonpartisan volunteers, supported by donations is the City of Monroe UTA Steering Committee, whose contact person is Jeanette Kelty, Grassroots nonpartisan volunteers are headed by Tim Sager, , with a website address of South Central Wisconsin UTA website address is Visit all these sites to see why we are fighting for our rights.

A shout-out to all township officials in Green County who are grappling with the CAFO issue. The subject of clean water availability is taken for granted in Green County. When clean water is threatened by large corporate farms, we are forced to stand up for our rights to water. GCUTA, at its Dec. 9 meeting at 6:30 p.m. in the Monroe Public Library, will be viewing the movie, "Blue Gold: World Water Wars," which addresses the issue of national and world water shortage, and privatization of water rights by powerful corporations in the future. Wars will be fought in the future over water. The losers will be the lowly citizens of those countries fighting the war. The winners will be huge multinational corporations who will corner the market on this commodity.