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Letter to the editor: GOP choices are largely delusional
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From Robin Rouby


To the editor:

I am old enough to have voted for Nixon, which was the start of my questioning my party affiliation. Through the decades, I continued to vote for a lot of Republicans. But about 16 years ago, the Republican party had devolved into such a collection of lunacy and corruption that there wasn't a single Republican in any election that I could, in good conscience, support. The bottom line for anyone with a conscience who's been paying attention, not just to what Republicans say, but how they actually vote and govern, is that the Republicans have become a party of dysfunction and obstruction - with only two real goals, as far as I can see: to hobble and totally abolish the federal government, and to enrich the insatiably greedy with policies that only fool gullible people who are unwittingly, but willingly, helping them destroy our country via bigotry and shear ignorance.

Today, the frontrunners for the Republican nomination to run for president are a bully who claims he can run a country when he's gone bankrupt four times, putting thousands of hard-working Americans out of jobs and screwing everyone he owed money to out of millions of dollars in the process - and a man who is adamant that he stabbed someone, that he tried to hit his mother with a hammer, that Joseph built the pyramids to store grain, that health care is akin to slavery, and that our current president is no different than Adolf Hitler.

Now, I admit that I'm no rocket scientist, but last checked, there is no method for filing bankruptcy for an entire country. And anyone crazy enough to boast of a violent past and make absolutely insane comments would be automatically disqualified from even running for president of the United States of America.

And those are just the frontrunners. The rest of the candidates are just as deeply flawed in one way or another. I think it could be safely said that 90 percent of the massive Republican field were absolutely delusional even throwing their hat in the ring in the first place, and that they probably did so only out of misplaced ego, or to make money selling books, etc.

The caliber and character of Republicans who claim they are capable of running our country says as much about the Republican base as it does about the candidates themselves.