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Letter to the editor: Districts should be redrawn fairly
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From Glen Spring


To the editor:

There seems to be no end to the greed for power of some of our Wisconsin legislators. They spent millions to draw our congressional district boundaries only to have them ruled by a federal court to be unconstitutional. Now, after being ordered by this court to redraw these boundaries again, they are reverting to another costly method of using high-priced law firms to do this. Personally, I feel that my tax money should not be spent just to ensure a legislator is able to keep his/her seat. There are other less expensive ways to accomplish the redistricting such as the way it is done in Iowa. With funding shortfalls in all areas including, education, and health care one would or even demand better use of our tax dollars. When these same politicians are willing to destroy labor unions which they claim only protect the lazy incompetent workers, it seems hypocritical to protect their own selfish interests.

As populations increase and shift geographically, the need to redraw the district boundaries becomes necessary so that all people are afforded equal representation. No matter which party is in power, it is their responsibility to redraw each district as fairly as possible.

When people sell their bodies, they are called prostitutes.

When people sell their souls and their morals, one could label them politicians.

These may be only words, but the meanings speak for themselves.