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Letter to the Editor: Democratic values worth fighting for
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From Diana Vance


To the editor:

What does the Democratic Party stand for? First of all, it is the party of the people and we should consider being part of a movement that supports the following values. One step Democrats want is making two-year colleges and technical schools free. It should be the same for universities.

Democrats will provide access to lower-cost student loans and provide more time to those paying off their student loans. Democrats believe that we are greater together than we are on our own, that this country succeeds when everybody gets a fair shot, when everybody, including the 1 percent multi-billionaires, does their fair share, when everybody plays by the same rules. Democrats will support public education and teachers, clean air and water by supporting solar and wind and protecting our Great Lakes. Democrats support agriculture but work to regulate factory farms (CAFOs). They support infrastructure and raising the minimum wage. They will fight for affordable health care. Democrats will hire the scientists to address global climate change.

Democrats are the party fighting for the middle class. Believing and working for the populist values stated above will differentiate the Democratic candidate from any Republican. So let's work together to bring about change.

I would be proud to give you some words written by Hillary Rodham Clinton. She wrote, "Before we are Republicans or Democrats, liberals or conservatives, or any of the other labels that divide us as often as define us, we are Americans, all with a personal stake in our country," and "We have the most enduring values - freedom and equality, justice and opportunity. We should be proud that those words are associated with the United States of America."

I hope her words will lift us up to strive for a better world and better representatives who will spend their time working for the people and not for their donors. And may egotism in a leader be the one thing we won't allow or vote for.

I will finish with these words from Hillary Rodham Clinton: "I believe that the foundation of a strong economy doesn't begin with giving people who are already privileged and wealthy even more benefits. I think it comes from shared prosperity."