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Introducing Photo Galleries; How to order photos
Natalie Dillon

In June, I wrote a column about how to view sports photos on our Facebook page. Since then, the Monroe Times staff has been working hard behind the scenes to make the same photos available on our website for those that don’t have a Facebook account. Now, a separate photo gallery tab is available on our website. 

Along the top ribbon, there is a new “Photo Gallery” tab with full photo albums dating back to the Monroe City Doubles Tennis Tournament on July 11, 2023. Each album is labeled with the event and date. If it is a sports album, there will be an abbreviation of the sport (Ex: GT for girls tennis or VB for volleyball) followed the by teams featured and the date.

Once you have clicked on your desired album, all the photos will appear. Each photo is labeled with an identifier and photo credit. For sports photos, the identifier will be the featured athlete’s name. For an event, such as the Gratiot Labor Day Celebration, the identifier is simply a photo number. This system makes it easier for you to order photos.

All Monroe Times photos are available for purchase in either print or digital format. They can be ordered in one of three ways. You can fill out a photo order form on our website, call the Monroe Times office at 608-328-4202 or email the person who took the photo directly. In each instance, please include your contact information and a description of the photo(s) you’d like to order, including the album name and either identifier or subject of the photo.

The Monroe Times acknowledges that there have been some malfunctions on our Facebook page, leading to empty photo albums. We will continue to monitor for these errors and encourage you to reach out if you can’t find what you are looking for.

— Natalie Dillon is the sports editor of the Times and can be reached at