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Join us in voting for Leineweber
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We don't think that 40-plus judges can all be wrong; in fact, we believe their recommendation and endorsement of Judge Ed Leineweber is sage advice to the electorate. We too support Leineweber, because he brings value to the Court of Appeals which is now lacking - the experience of having presided over a trial court and he presides over a rural county circuit court. We concur with Judge Leineweber, who has contended that the 23 rural counties deserve to be represented.

It is a no-brainer election if voters look only to experience, for they will find that Leineweber's breadth of experience is just as he advertises "UNMATCHED."

While some media outlets have said little about the race, presumably thinking Dane County will give the seat to their man Blanchard, though Blanchard has never been a judge; even a look at 2006 spring election results shows that Dane County is but 31 percent of the vote. Therefore, if rural citizen-voters want rural representation, they can get what they want by voting for Leineweber who has served as District Attorney, having been elected as an Independent.

A key Leineweber' endorsement comes from Judge Ramona Gonzalez, who in addition to giving Leineweber 110 percent of her support post primary, has been working hard on Leineweber's behalf.

While this particular judicial race has not generated much media coverage despite significant differences between Leineweber and his liberal establishment opponent, we hope our constituents will vote for Judge Leineweber because he's the right fit given the job description, and he understands the role of the Appeals' Court.

This election is held when most everyone is short on cash due to taxes, and there is no public financing; that's not to say it isn't important. Please join us in voting for a non-partisan who will do a superb job upon being elected - Judge Ed Leineweber.