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John Waelti: The story continues - The Kid attains notoriety
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1877 - Lincoln County, New Mexico: 18-year-old Henry McCarty/Kid Antrim/William H. Bonney, soon to be forever known as Billy the Kid, had already traveled a long road. From birth in New York City, to Wichita, Kansas with his widowed mother, to Santa Fe where his mother re-married, to Silver City, New Mexico where his mother died a year later, leaving Henry as a 15-year-old orphan, to Arizona Territory after escaping jail where he was held for hiding stolen laundry, to Arizona Territory where, becoming known as "Kid Antrim," he got mixed up with cattle rustler John Mackie, shot a bully who was beating him up, escaped back to New Mexico Territory, throwing in with the Jesse Evans gang stealing cattle and horses, and was hired by English cattleman, John Tunstall, who was competing with a merchant/cattle syndicate headed by Irishmen Lawrence Murphy and James Dolan. That's quite a run for an 18-year-old kid.