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Infringing on believers' rights
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On going through items that had been saved for many years, I came across a letter which I had sent to The Monroe Times in 1975. The letter could have been written at the present time. I wrote:

"We have gradually been deprived of our 'rights' in deference to the 'rights' of individuals and minority groups. Our country was founded by some brave people that wanted the freedom to worship God when and where they chose. In setting up the rules for governing our great nation, they determined that there would be separation of church and state. Here, to me, is a key word: separation, not denial. Separation does not declare that we cannot pray in government supported institutions, only that it cannot be a forced act. While we are denied this right, our eardrums are subjected to an assault of verbal vulgarities wherever we go."

We have not made much progress in 2009, in fact, it looks as if we are regressing. It was announced at our last American Legion Auxiliary meeting that donations of greeting cards to the VA hospital should not contain any hint of religious matter, and that cards sent should not close with the phrase "God Bless You," as it might offend someone who is not a believer.

Is it not possible that I, as a sender, may be offended by not being able to send these materials, and that those who receive them who are believers, are deprived of the help and support that would be given them?

There still are more believers than non-believers, and our rights are being taken from us by these decisions. The silent majority needs to be heard. We cannot let the minorities undermine our rights and freedom of speech.