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Friend with autism teaches important lessons
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From Allyce Fahrney, 11
Fifth-grade, Northside School, Monroe
Someone very unobservant might laugh at my friend with autism. They would judge his book cover, not actually reading what's inside it. Skipping what really matters, they don't see the lessons he could teach them. Having Griffin as my friend, I have found a new way to live life. He has shown me so many things that are more important than what others think of you and just to throw back your head and laugh. Becoming popular and wearing name brand clothes doesn't make you a better person, and who you're friends with doesn't suddenly make everyone bow down to you. It's the kind of friend you are to people, and the way you treat them. Griffin has shown me just that, and much more. One of the most important things in life is happiness, and if you watched Griffin come to school each morning you would see him proudly showing that. He brightens the lives of everyone that notices him. Maybe if he watched a movie the previous night and memorized the lines, he'll repeat them throughout the day. Can you guess where this is from? "Charlotte, they're going to kill me, I don't want to die!" Griffin could even tell you how to get to a movie theater 30 miles away! He's one of the smartest kids with autism I know, but, to be honest, when I think of him, "autism" doesn't even cross my mind. What does though is how Griffin is a role model and a great friend. I don't know if Griffin realizes that he teaches me so many things about life that, without him, I would never even realize. His wide imagination and love of life encourage me to follow in his footsteps and promote his knowledge. He might not even know that people like me look up to him and one day might use his knowledge to help the world live in peace and harmony. And we would owe it to Griffin, my friend with autism.