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Electoral college very necessary
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To the editor:

Abolishing the Electoral College is a foolish idea. There is a parallel in baseball.

In the Fall Classic, the best teams from the National and American Leagues represent the leagues in a best of seven series of games. Let's say the National League team won the series in seven games. Each time they won, they won by one run. But of the three games the American League team won, they won by five runs. In the seven games, the American League team scored 11 runs more than the National League team.

But no one ever thinks of declaring the American League the world champions because they had more runs in the series. It's the team that wins the most individual games.

The Electoral College sets up the election of our president at 50 individual races. It honors smaller states because their electoral votes are more meaningful than the national aggregate. The Electoral College allows for shifts in population to have a greater say; therefore, candidates have to pay attention (or pander) to states with growing populations. The Electoral College is a way to ensure that presidential candidate are aware of the needs of states and regions across the nation, not just getting the biggest pile of votes. Electing the president should not resemble choosing the winner of "America's Got Talent."