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'Deficit crusaders' now making the budget noise
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Would someone please explain to me how the very people in Washington who are screaming the loudest and most about the debt happen to be the exact same cast of characters who ran the deficit up to begin with? When the Bush administration first took office, and the GOP held firm majorities in Congress for the next six years, he started with a nice budget surplus, and the Medicare and Social Security programs shored up for about 50 years.

How is it then that when the next president took office, he was saddled with one of the largest deficits in the country's history, a decimated middle class, and an economy on the very brink of complete collapse?

These "deficit crusaders" who are self-righteously freaking out about the deficit are the very same gang of folks who approved the first Bush tax cut of $1.35 trillion that initially plunged us into massive debt, who then also approved the second Bush tax cut which extended the cuts to $2.8 trillion, who then passed a completely unfunded and Medicare prescription drug program that cost another $8.4 trillion, and cheerfully supported two expensive wars without even including them in the budget ... all done without so much as a "peep" of concern about the deficit!

I wish someone would explain to me why anyone in their right mind is listening to these people now? Aren't these the very last folks on the planet anyone should pay any attention to?