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Courage displayed by whom?
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Our governor has been lauded for being courageous for attacking our teachers, other public workers and their unions. The true courage was displayed by the 14 senators who went out of state in order to stall for time for Walker and his buddies to come to their senses and find a way to work out the differences. They needed to make themselves unavailable after the senior Fitzgerald, Jeff and Scott's father whom Gov. Walker appointed as head of Wisconsin State Patrol, was ordered to find at least one of them to drag back to Madison (in handcuffs if needed) so as to have the legal quorum needed to pass his dictatorial budget bill. Walker made no secret of the fact that he had no intention of any will to discuss issues.

After rules or procedures were changed, whether legal or not, his bill was pushed through and he signed it into law.

Now after surviving the recall attempt with votes purchased with millions of out-of-state dollars, he tends to thumb his nose at those opposed to his policies by hosting a beer, brat, and burger party.

Just relax and wait for his next attempt to steal from you in order to enrich the coffers of his rich backers.

Fellow Wisconsin citizens, don't be naive. "Wrong me once, shame on him. Wrong me twice, shame on me." A leopard does not change his spots.

My advice: Don't turn your back on our Courageous Walker and his rich buddies.