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Common sense is best answer to fix economy
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To the editor:

Corporations are not people, and government is not a business. Republicans acting as if they are is costing us dearly.

Assemblyman Marklein touts his "careful eye of the accountant" as equipping him to "fix" the state budget. So what did he and his Republican colleagues in the state Legislature do? They chose the worst economic downturn in 75 years to "fix" the state budget by making devastating cuts in vital programs.

The billion dollars sliced from school aids alone not only further depressed Wisconsin's economy in the short-run, but undercut the main source of future economic growth, educated workers.

We need representatives who understand our public policy priorities and are willing to make common sense decisions, not apply mechanical budgeting principles designed for business models. That's why Mo Grimm is the best choice for the 51st Assembly District.