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Capitalism is only for the working class?
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In the old Soviet Union they had socialism for the masses and capitalism for the powerful elite. The top-ranking communists had the means and flexibility with which to travel abroad and buy stuff from the capitalistic world.

In America, we have the opposite: Free market capitalism for the working class and socialism for the rich and powerful elite.

The working classes of America are assured that the free market solves all problems, including access to health care. Competition will drive down the cost of health insurance. And if you have a pre-existing condition? Tough! This is America and it's your responsibility to maintain your health. And if you can't hold a job? Don't expect anyone else to subsidize your health insurance. Bankruptcy is a part of capitalism - weeds out the weak - unless you're a Wall Street investment banker. Free-market capitalism for the working class.

Meanwhile, powerful politicians of our ruling class who make our laws enjoy gold-plated Cadillac plans, totally financed by government. Socialism is OK for our elite.

So if we can afford Cadillac plans for the elite, why can't we afford at least a basic minimal plan that delivers health care to everyone? We have the real resources - the MDs, the nurses, the med. techs and technicians - in this country with which to do it.

Because we, the richest nation in the world, "can't afford it." Or, so say the elite who don't have to worry about where their care is coming from.

Maybe those who preach from on high should abandon their government-sponsored gold-plated health plans and go to the free market for their insurance. Their words might carry a bit more weight if they practiced what they preach. But never mind. Capitalism is only for the working class.