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Buy a plant in support of Green Haven
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From Jeannie Blumer

W-2/Economic Support Supervisor, Green County Human Services and Board Member, Green Haven Family Advocates

Green Haven Family Advocates, Green County's domestic violence prevention organization, will be holding their 18th Annual Mother's Day plant sale on Friday and Saturday. Green Haven provides needed services to those in our county that are affected by domestic violence. Services include a 24-hour crisis line, educational services to our youth, teaching them violence is unacceptable, and assistance to those needing restraining orders to keep them and their children safe.

This organization, while possibly not well-known to all, has been a godsend to many in our county affected by domestic violence. In 2008, Green Haven served 291 unduplicated clients representing 248 women, 22 children and 21 men. In 2009, Green Haven saw a 30 percent increase from 2008, serving 370 unduplicated clients of whom 291 were women, 8 were children and 45 were men. Green Haven is not blessed with excess funds, so this fundraiser is critical for the agency to continue its present level of services.

Plants will be sold on Friday and Saturday throughout Green County. In Monroe, you can purchase plants near the First National Bank; in Juda, please visit the Juda Oasis Truck Stop; in Albany, stop in at the Albany Mini Mart or First Banking Center; in Monticello, stop at the Village Hall; and lastly, in New Glarus, please visit the New Glarus Hardware Store, Highway 69. The plants originate from Ahrens Acres, Brodhead, so not only are you supporting Green Haven, you're supporting a local company!

Again, please support Green Haven with your donation or purchase of plants. Those wishing to simply make a donation to Green Haven can do so through their Web site,