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Blossoms & Barbs: May 2, 2009
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A blossom to all the businesses that display our Humane Society donation boxes >and to the generous community members that have contributed $2,512.48 in the past five months. This money is helping out with the day-to-day operations of running the shelter. Thank you to Carla Pederson, Carol Mixdorf and Jeff and Jane-Boll Gibbons for helping with collections. Together we can all make Green County Humane Society a shelter our communities can be proud of. Please plan to come May 7 from 6 to 8 p.m. at Ludlow Mansion for the annual meeting, social time, silent auction and refreshments. It is really a fun evening! - Chris Reed>

• • •

A huge blossom goes out to the Monroe High School's Barbershop Choir Adams Applez. >The choir came to Twining Valley on Friday, April 24. The young men took time to sit and talk to the residents and they sang songs. They did a marvelous job! You can really tell that they enjoy signing with each other and to an audience; it really shows in the way they perform. It is very refreshing to see men of this age enjoy making the elderly people in the community happy. A huge blossom goes out to the instructor Judy Bennett; >you really have a love for music and a zest for teaching. Judy, you really are someone these men will look back upon with fond memories. The barbershop choir is a joy to hear and see. Keep up the great work! We look forward to having you back for another wonderful performance. - The Residents of Twining Valley Retirement Community >

• • •

A blossom to all those individuals, groups and organizations who donate their time> to pick up litter along our roads, parks and waterways! It is unbelievable the volume of trash which is collected ...

A barb to those individuals who continue to litter >our countryside by throwing their trash wherever they wish. It is impossible to believe that one has to illegally dispose of their garbage by throwing it anywhere except a trash receptacle or recycling bin. - Anonymous>

• • •

A barb to President Obama and the current legislature. >The steps they have already taken toward socialism in the past 100 days are absolutely staggering. I mean, seriously, they are running private companies now, including making CEOs quit, taking on product warranties, giving away billions of dollars in bailouts. Their actions are unheard of in the modern history of the U.S. and are not good for our country. And this is only the beginning. These actions and socialism are not sustainable, just look at any of the crappy lives of people in other countries. Write your representatives and tell them that you want to live in a capitalist society! - Socialism is Coming >

• • •

A blossom to all of our educators in the area. >Not just Monroe, but all the schools. Thank you for not only educating our children, but for also keeping them safe and helping them when they have problems.

A blossom to Rob McCarthy >for his insight and forethought on having some new and different celebrations in Monroe to keep people coming in to our town. It is great to have visionaries to think of good ideas that are fresh and innovative.

A blossom to Lakeside Trucks >for bringing business back to our town, and creating some jobs, and to Matt Beckman >for keeping things rolling the last couple of years for our local truckers and school districts.

A blossom to Carter and Grunewald, East Side Farm Equipment, and Sloan Implement >for the use of tractors and spreaders for the 2009 tractor safety program. Make sure when you visit these dealerships you thank them for helping to educate our youth on the safe operation of farm machinery.

A blossom to Dusty Williams, Alissa Grenawalt, and all the local ag instructors, including Lori Berget from Black Hawk >for stepping up to the plate to help with tractor safety this year. Also to the FFA kids >that helped the community of Juda, the Green County Fair Association, and the fire departments and Mark Baker for setting up the mock accidents and showing the rescues.

A blossom to Lisa Kivirist >for setting up the women's seminar in Monroe to help local ladies recognize their dreams of owning their own businesses.

A barb to most of the media >for being morons and calling H1N1 "swine flu" repeatedly. It has nothing to do with eating or handling pork.

A blossom to Abby and her co worker at Brennans >for putting together such an awesome basket for our secretary on Administrative Professionals Day. And a blossom to all the administrative professionals> (belated) who are the main hub of most businesses.

A pre-Mother's Day blossom to all the moms. >( I did this one for those of us who forget or wait till last minute.)

A comical barb to Mother Nature,> though, for not planning her rains better.

And my last blossom this week goes to the agriculturists. >Amid controversy surrounding ignorant names for diseases, low prices, high inputs and daily challenges, they still persevere and continue to provide us with the highest quality, safest and most reasonably priced foods of anyone in any country. Please remember them this spring season as they are driving down the road from farm to field ... give them a brake (yes, that's spelled wrong on purpose, it means slow the heck down!), wave at them with all five fingers, and make sure you thank them for the excellent food they provide us. - Jeff Ditzenberger, Monticello>