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Blossoms & Barbs: Jan. 5, 2008
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• We wish to send a bouquet of blossoms to members of the local legal community for their support of the Monroe and New Glarus High School mock trial teams. The mock trial program sponsored by the State Bar of Wisconsin affords high school students the opportunity to learn first hand about our justice system. The students assume roles as either attorneys or witnesses and then present their cases through actual testimony, in court before practicing attorneys and judges. First, a blossom to the Green County Bar Association for its recent grants to support our teams, and the individual attorneys who have been so kind as to come and meet with the students to demonstrate various lessons in trial practice. The money makes it possible for us to buy necessary materials for the students, and the demonstrations provide great teaching experience. Second, blossoms to Green County Clerk Mike Doyle and Judge James Beer for allowing us to have practice "scrimmages" in the Green County courtroom. The students are much better prepared when they can practice their cases in an actual courtroom before the tournament in February. And finally a blossom to the memory of Attorney Rod Kittelsen. Rod was instrumental as state bar president when the program was started in 1973, and made generous contributions to support the program over the years. This is yet another example of how Rod's generous spirit lives on as an inspiration to all attorneys. - Attorney Tara Kleinhans (Monroe attorney coach) and Attorney Dan Gartzke (New Glarus attorney coach)

• A blossom to all the individuals who have to work in the cold, snowy, windy and nasty weather we have been having lately. From the police and sheriff, to the highway crews, electric companies and the farmers, a huge thank you and blossom to you all.

• A blossom to all the people who donated time, money or services to all the charity organizations during the holiday season. It is people like that you that make the holidays better for those who cannot afford many of the things we take for granted

• A blossom to, as I will now refer to them, The Monticello Citgo Four (you know who you are ladies) for making a day that was not going so good for me a lot better. There truly are some remarkable people in this county. - Jeff Ditzenberger, Monticello