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Blossoms & Barbs: Jan. 19, 2008
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/§W45(??ike to send a blossom to the Edgewood College women's basketball team and Coach Diane Hawkins for coming to St. Victor School. It was an awesome experience to have you come and show the students of St. Victor how much basketball can be. Your time and patience with the students was very much appreciated. Thank you. - David Gissing, St. Victor Physical Education Teacher

A blossom to all the friendly neighbors who help out the elderly or disabled to get their sidewalks cleaned and to all the citizens who do this in a timely manner, not from fear of a fine, but for a general respect for the safety of others.

A bit of a barb to the City of Monroe and Green County. I am all for growth of our great county, but I am wondering, when are we going to get a place for all the tractor/ trailer traffic to park in this area? Many drivers would love to drop their trailers and either go home, or perhaps take their truck for service or maybe stay at one of our hotels or visit one of our restaurants. Yet, there is no place for them to do this where it is either legal or safe. Anyone have any ideas on that?

And a barb to a great many football fans at the Colts/Chargers game last week. While they were announcing the winners of the Pass. Kick and Punt contest, they applauded them all until they got to the young lady wearing the Patriots jersey and proceeded to boo her. I hope anyone watching that game told their children just how wrong that was.

A blossom to Middle School Assistant Principal Lynne Wheeler. I had the opportunity to work with her on a minor issue this last week and she handled it very professionally and with understanding. It is good too see there are fine people like her taking care of our children when we don't have them.

And, finally, a blossom to all the district bus drivers. They all have done a spectacular job with the adverse conditions they have had to face. - Jeff Ditzenberger, Monticello