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Blessings shown during GCHS annual meeting
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This year's Green County Humane Society Annual Meeting has now come and gone. Regardless of how you feel about the election results, it is not a time to mourn and it is not a time to gloat. It is a time to be thankful. Thankful that we had 200 passionate people at the May 5 meeting. 200 people! Be thankful that we had eight amazing candidates willing to give of themselves to serve on the GCHS board. Be thankful that we have the support of several area businesses that donate time and resources for things such as bookkeeping and finances, newsletter printing, media exposure, legal advice, shelter maintenance and other things too numerous to mention.

What a blessing, all this! It is a time to be thankful. It also is time to roll up our shirtsleeves, put aside our differences and get to work. Work together. I hope that the board embraces the four talented people who did not get elected and encourages them to continue using those talents for the betterment of GCHS. And I hope that the 200 people who attended the meeting will continue to support the shelter with their time and resources. With 200 people, we can most assuredly build a new shelter.