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Before we get bigger we must get better
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I see some good things happening concerning our economy but will it be enough to turn it around permanently? President Teddy Roosevelt knew what the problem was 100 years ago when he broke up the trusts. We have talked some about what "To Big to Fail" can lead to and we've had hedge fund dealers betting against our own government that we wouldn't do anything to stop the big bank mergers and that we'd even bail them out when they did become so corrupt in their way of thinking.

Before we get bigger, we have to have better quality in our products. It has to start with our cars, that we get better gas mileage, construction and engineering, where a dog can't tear off the front bumper. All our homes have to be built better, starting with every new-built home which should have a bathroom door wide enough, so that one can get into it with a wheelchair, so that you can stay in your own home as long as possible, when you're getting older. This would reduce nursing home costs and greatly improve the attitude of the owners. As for financing the homes, they should have never gone past the rule of 25 percent of your income used for housing costs (mortgages, rents, etc.) because there are other things in life you have to have for what you consider your way of life.

That's why you have the richest hedge fund dealer, who made $4 billion last year, betting against our own government that we would have a bank bailout. While bailing them out has really looked like we've stopped the worst of the problem, the biggest problem lies ahead of us and it's going to take both political parties, working together, to stop it from happening again. Something that I haven't seen in the first year of the Obama administration. While President Franklin Roosevelt was my favorite Democratic president, which I remember, President Teddy Roosevelt, was my favorite Republican president because, the way I read history, he did what was right for our country by breaking up the trusts.

Up to now, I've heard far too much name-calling from both political parties and they would be better off doing less of this name-calling and fighting and get down to more rational talking, which is something I call common sense.