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An ode to the Humane Society
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"Give Me a Home," a poem, to the tune of "Home, Home on the Range"Oh, give me a home where the cows do roamand breathe fresh dairy air.They walk on grass, not wooden slatsand hang out with the old mare.Home, home on the farm. The sheep got out, o darn,The chickens are fat, the eggs tasty, This place is no factory.Oh, give me a home on the old prairieWhere the deer and the fox you can see. The grasses grow tall, hear the turtles callIt's all about ecology.Home on my prairie, Where there's no huntingThe enthusiasts insist, no garlic shall existThey maintain nature's beauty.Oh, give me a woods where the bear and wolves run freebut in Alaska it's not to beA thousand wolves dead cause Palin insteadwants the boys to shoot moose trophies.No home, home in the woods, where the governor is queenher heart is of ice, she's not very niceand full of inhumanity.Oh, give me a country where the eagles fly freeand we teach our kids about treesa trip to the barn to learn about yarnthe grace of Mother Nature they see.Home, home in the U.S going green, a precedentwe want our water pure, our air very cleanand God bless the Humane Society.