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A message accompanies resignation
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From Yvonne Schutte
It is with a heavy heart that I write this letter, because it means that I am resigning my position on the board of directors of the Green County Humane Society. In the past two years several things have happened the public is not aware of. In December 2008, I gave three weeks notice that I wouldn't be at the January meeting (the first one that I had missed in three years). At this meeting, I was removed as the chair of the Euthanasia Committee, as well as being completely removed from the whole committee along with another member. It was not until that member brought up the fact to attorney Dan Bartholf that "combining" committees, violated the by-laws. Two months later it was changed back, and I was reinstated as chair, and the other member was reinstated as well. If you look at the humane society's Web site, the minutes from the board meeting that February the first order of business was "Patty", who was a young pit bull that had some issues with a few other dogs at the shelter. Why would a discussion about a young, healthy dog be listed under the Euthanasia report? It is no secret that I am a supporter of the no-kill philosophy. I can't think of another reason to remove a steadfast believer of the no-kill movement, except to make Euthanasia of some animals easier. The chair of the Aggressive Dog Task Force does not even own a dog. He has repeatedly refused input from certified dog trainers, knowledgeable employees that deal with the dogs every day, and people who actually own aggressive dogs, myself included. I own two food aggressive and a dog aggressive dog and have attended a nine-hour seminar on aggressive animal behavior at the UW Madison, and have been told repeatedly that my input is not wanted. What is reasoning for this? He will write what he is told? I am not writing this to deter support for the animals but to raise awareness as to what is being done. The new executive director and one of the employees made a list of all of the dogs and labeled them rescue eligible, adoptable and unadoptable. There are several on the unadoptable list. I was told this by the employee that helped to make the list. If you have the knowledge and ability to take on a dog with some kind of issues (dog aggression, food aggression, barrier aggression) please consider adopting one of the so-called unadoptable dogs at the GCHS. I took my position on this board seriously as an advocate for the animals. There are many things with this board that I disagree with, but my duty to the animals has always come first. Please keep your eye on this board and what they are doing.