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A clear choice for the next president
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From Doris E. Kegl


To the editor:

The outcome of this upcoming presidential election will determine the direction of our country for a generation. Will we strengthen Social Security and Medicare or slash them and turn to vouchers for more costly private insurance to pay for more tax breaks for the super wealthy? Will we invest in good middle class jobs, or give more taxpayer-funded subsidies to corporations that ship American jobs overseas? Will we lead the world in innovative green technology or leave it for other countries to dominate?

After he became president, President Obama saved the auto industry from collapse, or it would have cost our already weakened economy more than 1 million jobs, which were saved by his decisions. Two of the auto industries have repaid their government loans in full. Another of the president's decisions was to reform health care. Despite the polls and his advisors dictating caution, he decided on the bold course. The results have been good for two years in a row. Inflation in health care costs has been less than 4 percent for the first time in 50 years. Individuals and businesses have already received $1.1 billion in refunds on their health premiums because the law requires 80 to 85 percent of your premium to be spent for health care, not profits and promotions. In the last 29 months alone, the economy has produced 4.5 million private sector jobs - far more than in the previous administration overall.

The president's opponent has made it very clear he is determined to take us back to the failed polices of the previous Republican administration that helped get us into the financial crisis in the first place - more tax cuts for the millionaires and billionaires, that would either add to the deficit or raise taxes on the middle class, while ending Medicare as we know it, and reduce investments in education, medical research, science and technology programs.

To me, it is very clear who should be the next president, and that is President Barack Obama. It's time for us to decide to stand by the man who lead us back from the brink of collapse onto the path of recovery, with absolutely no help from the Republican Congress, who have said "No-No" to every agenda presented to them to help the economy. Why did they run for office when they choose not to serve the American people?