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Anytime Fitness has Grand Re-Opening after remodeling
Anytime Fitness
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Anytime Fitness in Monroe had a grand re-opening on Tuesday, July 10, to unveil new work-out space created by a renovation.

I had a chance to visit with the owner, Andy Gundlach, who owns more than 30 Anytime Fitness locations in southern Wisconsin.

Andy is a powerfully built man with a thoughtful, soft-spoken voice. He's approachable and has a true interest in all things that make up fitness -- from exercise and workouts, to eating well and living well.

The fitness world is constantly evolving, but one area of particular focus deals with training a body to be able to do life-long, creature-comfort activities.

"People are active much longer into their lives and a newer focus on fitness revolves around training to do everyday things," Andy said, as he watched a patron working out using straps in an isometric exercise. "Years ago it used to almost all be about a fitness center having big machines, which you'd see in the gym. While there still is state-of-the-art workout equipment, training with a coach for many people can focus on the best ways to keep them active, doing the things they like to do, later in life."

The Monroe Chamber of Commerce rolled out its proverbial red carpet for the grand re-opening and the event was attended by local political representatives, chamber officers, chamber ambassadors and members of the public.

Andy got involved in the Anytime Fitness franchise fairly early and has been a part of its growth and success. Of the more than 30 locations he owns and operates, he can drive from his home and stop in for a workout 10 minutes or less from his home. But Andy doesn't mind traveling and you can see him either working, or working out at any of his Anytime Fitness locations.

The work done at Monroe's location, which is located in the strip mall adjacent to Wal-Mart, removed some office and storage space and turned it into a team training area. The main office for the gym is right by the front door.

True to it's name, once someone becomes a member of Anytime Fitness and is trained on how to safely use equipment, they receive a key to the facility which they can use 24/7. There are trainers and coaches at the facility generally between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m. Busy times are when you would expect -- in the hours before and after a first-shift workday.

Melissa Even, Monroe Chamber of Commerce Director, said Anytime Fitness has been an important part of both the business community and the community in general. Anytime Fitness is interested in providing facilities and assistance for people who have all sorts of different fitness goals.

The grand re-opening was certainly a positive in that it was yet another investment in Monroe, Green County and the greater State-Line Area.

The event was wonderfully catered by the Garden Deli, there was a table of scrumptious-looking food. Yet few people were digging in. It wasn't that they didn't want to. I think there may be a bit of guilt involved in partaking in snacks -- no matter how healthy, when in a fitness facility.

Monroe has many different gyms and work-out centers that fill can suit anyone's fitness needs. There's a continuing evolution in personal training, healthy eating and simply sound living. Tuesday's grand re-opening at Anytime Fitness was a celebration of that.