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Warriors win battle against Monroe
Times photo: Adam Krebs Monroes Bryan Tordoff defends Waunakees Beau Murray in the second half of Saturdays game. Murray scored a game-high 25 points for the Warriors.
WAUNAKEE - Pat Murphy's Cheesemakers pride themselves on fundamentals and defense. In Saturday's 66-53 loss to Waunakee in the Badger Conference Challenge, Monroe struggled to break the press and allowed the tall and athletic Warriors to have their way around the court."It's kind of frustrating. In practice, we go a lot of times seven defenders against five offensive players, so I was a little surprised we didn't handle the press better," said Murphy, Monroe's head coach. "Every coach here watching that is going to pick up on that. I hate to say this, too, but (Waunakee) probably out-toughed us in a lot of those possessions that mattered."